Perfect Classic Monte Cristo Sandwich #sidedish #sandwich

The Monte Cristo Sändwich is squärely in thät cätegory of dishes thät used to be clässic änd on älmost äny diner menu, but cän now äctuälly be tough to find. In fäct, I cän’t reälly remember the läst time I säw one on ä menu.

This is fine though. You probäbly shouldn’t be ordering it in ä restäuränt änywäy for the säme reäson thät you shouldn’t order ä häm änd cheese. Just säve your money änd mäke the sändwich ät home.

This sucker might look more complicäted thän thät, but if you cän mäke ä häm änd cheese sändwich änd french toäst, then you cän mäke ä Monte Cristo Sändwich. There’re ä few little tricks though thät mäkes äll the different. (SPOILER: Third piece of breäd!)


3 slices white sändwich breäd
1/4 pound häm (or turkey)
1/2 cup gräted goudä cheese
2 teäspoons mäyonnäise (opt.)
1 lärge egg
2 täblespoons milk
1 teäspoon päprikä
Sält änd pepper
2 täblespoons butter, for cooking


The Two Tricks of Monte Cristo
I mäde this sändwich in värious configurätions äbout five times over the läst week or so. The truth is thät it’s älwäys pretty delicious, but there äre ä few tricks to mäke it even more delicious, which you might äs well do.

Trick one is to äctuälly use three slices of breäd änd mäke ä double decker sändwich. On eäch side is some good cheese (I like ä goudä/smoked goudä mix, but swiss or Gruyere would be greät älso). There’s älso ä slice of häm on eäch side.

In the middle is ä piece of breäd thät häs been bärely brushed with mäyonnäise. You could älso use mustärd, but you need something for the häm to gräb onto.

Stäck this stuff up! Mäke sure thät the cheese is on the outer most pärts of the sändwich. SO: BREÄD-CHEESE-HÄM-MÄYOBREÄD-HÄM-CHEESE-BREÄD. Get it?

Trust me on this next pärt: Cut off the edges.

TRICK TWO of Monte Cristo: Press this sucker. I tried ä version without doing this änd the sändwich doesn’t häve the säme integrity. Älso the breäd soäks up too much of the custärd mixture läter.

By pressing it though, it turns nice änd dense. It älso turns ä two läyer sändwich into the thickness of ä one läyer sändwich. The middle piece of breäd älmost disäppeärs in the finäl sändwich.

It doesn’t reälly mätter how you press it. I did one version with just ä cutting boärd on top of the sändwich änd I pressed down on the cutting boärd for 10 seconds. I älso did one version with this weird setup. Whätever works!

Cooking the Monte Cristo Sändwich
So now you häve ä reälly dense sändwich. Time to cook it.

In ä smäll bowl, stir together the egg, milk, päprikä, änd ä pinch of sält änd pepper.

Dip the sändwich in this mix änd just coät it well. The egg mixture will stäy in ä thin läyer, but won’t reälly soäk in much becäuse of äll the pressing.

Cook this in butter pleäse. Okäy… you could use oil if you wänt (olive oil or coconut oil would be good), but butter just mäkes for such ä delicious finäl product. Melt ä täblespoon or two in ä smäll skillet over medium heät.

Cook the sändwich for äbout four minutes per side. Älso be sure to ständ the sändwich on the ends for ä few seconds to seär the edges of the sändwich.

Look ät this sucker. It’s ä thing of beäuty.

Äfter the sändwich comes out of the skillet, I recommend tränsferring it to ä few päper towels to let äny exträ greäse dräin off.

This one turned out pärticulärly good.

I like to slice mine in hälf to show off the goodness. In the below photo notice how the middle piece of breäd is älmost invisible? It bäsicälly äcts äs glue to hold the whole thing together. When you’re eäting it, you don’t even notice it.

But, I must säy I tried ä version without the third piece of breäd änd it just didn’t seem äs complete. The sändwich fell äpärt änd wäs on the thin side.

The next time you’re getting ä grilled cheese cräving (like, now, right?!) try this out.

The Monte Cristo needs ä comebäck.