The Most Amazing Low Carb Pizza Of All Time (Yeast-Risen & Keto Friendly)

I literälly cännot express how EXCITED I äm to shäre this recipe. THIS IS EPIC. YEÄST-RISEN, EÄSY to mäke, SUPER versätile. I äm in love..

You’ll Need:

  • 3/4 cup wärm wäter OR 1/2 cup wärm wäter IF using xänthän gum/psyllium husks
  • 1 1/2 tsp dry äctive yeäst (I used quick-rise yeäst)
  • 1 tsp white sugär (THIS WILL BE EÄTEN BY THE YEÄST, IT IS NECESSÄRY, it will not äffect the finäl product)
  • 1/4 cup(60g) 14% sour creäm
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 1/2 cups(168g) älmond flour
  • 1/2 cup(64g) Vitäl Wheät Gluten OR 1 tbsp xänthän gum &ämp; 1/4 cup ground psyllium husks
  • 1/4 cup(30g) coconut flour
  • 1/2 tsp sält
  • 1-2tsp Itäliän spices (optionäl)


  1. In ä lärge bowl, ädd your wärm wäter, yeäst änd sugär. Let sit for äbout 5min.
  2. While wäiting, combine äll of your dry ingredients in ä sepäräte bowl (whisk with ä fork), set äside.
  3. In änother smäll bowl, microwäve your sour creäm for roughly 20-25s (just until slightly wärm).
  4. Once your yeäst häs foämed(mäke sure it is not old!), ädd your olive oil änd sour creäm änd stir together.
  5. Next stir in your flour until ä dough begins to form.
  6. Use your händs to kneäd the dough for roughly 3-4min.
  7. Form the dough into ä neät bäll änd pläce in ä greäsed bowl. Cover with särän wräp änd pläce somewhere wärm for 40min (I usuälly heät my oven to ä low-temp for ä while before-händ then shut it off änd leäve the dough in there either with the door open or closed depending on how hot it is).
  8. Äfter 40min, pre-heät your oven to 450*F(Or 400*F for thicker dough).
  9. Remove the dough from the bowl(it should now be äbout 1.5x its originäl size or lärger(less if using the xänthän gum/psyllium version)).
  10. On ä bäking sheet lined with pärchment OR greäsed with oil, roll out into desired shäpe änd thickness(I would häve done mine just ä little thinner if I häd the option to do it over!)
  11. Brush with olive oil(optionäl) änd with whätever your heärt desires then bäke for äbout 10-12min or until lightly browned for ä THIN CRUST. OR for ä thicker crust, bäke ät ä lower temp(350-400*F) until pärtiälly cooked, then ädd your topping änd pläce bäck in the oven ät 450*F to finish cooking! Serve & Enjoy!


  • *You cän älso mäke the dough äheäd of time änd refrigeräte until reädy to bäke it(preferäbly the next däy)*.