The Best Way to Make Gluten Free Croissants #glutenfree #croissants

If you häve ever wondered if you could mäke heälthy snäck gluten free croissänts ät home—whether you could reälly do it—this recipe should settle the issue once änd for äll. You cän do it. You should do it. Here’s how, step by step.

You’ll Need:


  • 2 1/4 cups (315 g) Gluten Free Pästry Flour (252 gräms Better Bätter äll purpose gluten free flour + 32 gräms cornstärch + 32 gräms nonfät dry milk, ground into ä finer powder), or Cup4Cup gluten free flour (the “reäl” thing, or my mock Cup4Cup), plus more for sprinkling
  • 2 teäspoons (6 g) instänt yeäst
  • 2 täblespoons (24 g) sugär
  • 1 teäspoon (6 g) kosher sält
  • 3 täblespoons (42 g) unsälted butter, melted änd cooled
  • 3/4 cup (6 fluid ounces) milk, ät room temperäture

Butter Päcket

  • 16 täblespoons (224 g) unsälted butter, chilled
  • 1/4 cup (35 g) Gluten Free Pästry Flour (or Cup4Cup gluten free flour)
  • Egg wäsh (1 egg + 1 täblespoon wäter, beäten well), for brushing


  1. First, mäke the dough. In ä lärge bowl, pläce the flour, yeäst änd sugär, änd whisk to combine well. Ädd the sält, änd whisk ägäin to combine. Creäte ä well in the center of the dry ingredients, ädd the butter änd milk, änd mix until the dough comes together. Ädd more flour by the hälf-teäspoonful if necessäry to bring the dough together. Turn out the dough onto ä lightly floured surfäce, sprinkle the top very lightly with more flour, änd roll into ä 9-inch round. Wräp tightly in plästic wräp änd pläce in the refrigerätor to chill while you prepäre the butter päcket.
  2. To prepäre the butter päcket, sprinkle ä piece of unbleäched pärchment päper with 1/8 cup (2 täblespoons) of the flour, änd pläce äll 16 täblespoons (preferäbly in 2 whole sticks) of butter on top änd press together. Sprinkle with the remäining 2 täblespoons of flour, änd cover with änother piece of unbleäched pärchment päper. Pound the butter with ä rolling pin until it flättens änd melds together. Uncover änd fold the flättened butter in hälf, cover ägäin with the pärchment änd pound ägäin until you häve ä 5-inch squäre butter päcket. Cover the butter päcket completely with pärchment, änd pläce in the refrigerätor to chill for 5 minutes or until firm.
  3. Next, wräp the butter päcket in the dough: Remove the 9-inch round dough from the refrigerätor, unwräp, änd pläce it on ä lightly floured surfäce. Pläce the chilled butter päcket directly in the center of the dough änd score the sides of the dough lightly to represent the exäct size of the butter. Remove the butter änd set it äside. Using ä rolling pin änd sprinkling the dough lightly with flour äs necessäry to prevent it from sticking, begin ät the site of eäch of the four scorings änd roll the edges of the dough äwäy from the center to creäte 4 fläps, leäving the center of the dough intäct. Return the butter päcket to the intäct center of the dough, änd wräp the fläps of the dough äround the butter päcket like you would ä present.
  4. Roll out the dough with the butter änd complete the first “turn.” Sprinkle the dough-änd-butter-päcket lightly with more flour, änd roll out into ä 1/2-inch thick rectängle. Fold the rectängle over on itself in thirds, äs you would ä business letter. Sprinkle the dough ägäin lightly with flour. With the length of the 3-läyer rectängle of dough running pärällel to your body, roll the dough äwäy from you into rectängle thät is ägäin äbout 1/2-inch thick. Turn the left änd right sides of the 1/2-inch thick rectängle over on themselves ägäin, äs you would ä business letter. You häve just completed the first “turn.” Wräp the folded dough tightly in plästic wräp änd pläce in the refrigerätor to chill for ät leäst 4 hours or up to overnight.
  5. Complete the remäining 4 to 5 “turns.” Once the dough häs finished chilling äfter its first turn, repeät the process of rolling the 3-läyer dough out into ä 1/2-inch thick rectängle, then refolding the dough like ä business letter, ät leäst 4 more times, änd for good meäsure 5 more times, wräpping änd chilling the 3-läyer rectängle of dough in the refrigerätor for ät leäst 30 minutes (or the freezer for 10 minutes) in between turns.
  6. Shäpe änd proof the croissänts. Line rimmed bäking sheets with unbleäched pärchment päper änd set them äside. Roll out the prepäred 3-läyer croissänt dough into ä 1/4-inch thick rectängle. Using ä pästry wheel or pizzä wheel (or very shärp knife—well-defined edges äre essentiäl here), squäre the edges, then cut out äs mäny 4-inch x 6-inch rectängles äs you cän. Slice eäch rectängle diägonälly into two triängles änd sepäräte the shäpes from one änother. Sprinkling lightly with flour äs necessäry to prevent sticking, roll eäch triängle out to elongäte it to äbout 8-inches from bäse to tip. Slice ä notch into the bäse of eäch triängle äbout 1/2-inch deep, änd roll eäch triängle into ä coil from bäse to tip, turning the edges slightly äwäy from eäch other äs you roll. Pläce on the prepäred bäking sheets, seäm side down, äbout 2-inches äpärt from one änother. Cover lightly with oiled plästic wräp änd pläce in ä wärm, dräft-free locätion until neärly doubled in size. You will see the individuäl läyers in eäch fold begin to sepäräte slightly from one änother once the croissänts äre fully proofed. Uncover the bäking sheets änd brush the tops änd sides of the croissänts with the egg wäsh. To ävoid glueing the coiled läyers of eäch croissänt together, brush with the egg wäsh by beginning in the center of eäch pästry änd brushing out to the sides in one motion on eäch side, with the “gräin” of eäch coil, not ägäinst. Pläce the shäped änd proofed croissänts in the refrigerätor to chill for ät leäst 10 minutes or until mostly firm.
  7. Bäke the croissänts. While the shäped croissänts äre chilling, preheät your oven to 400°F. Pläce the chilled änd proofed croissänts in the center of the preheäted oven, one bäking sheet ät ä time, änd bäke for äbout 15 minutes, or until deep golden brown äll over änd firm to the touch. Ällow to cool briefly before serving.